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Replacement Clamp

Replacement Clamp

  • Replacement clamp is a repair clamp for dialysis catheters*.
  • Replacement clamp makes it possible to replace a broken clamp on the dialysis catheter without removing the luer lock connector.
  • New ergonomic design.
  • Manufactured in Sweden.
  • CE certified.

Step 1:
Remove the old clamp. Slide in the Replacement clamp from the side.

Step 2:
Fix the tube in the notch of the Replacement clamp. The clamp is now ready to use.

*Replacement clamp is for temporary use only. A damaged catheter should always be replaced. Follow the instructions of your catheter supplier carefully.

Product Code Description Packaging
RCM03 Replacement clamp, red and blue 2pcs / bag (1red & 1 blue)

Instruction video