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FistulaStop – fistula pressure aid

This innovative Swedish solution replaces manual pressure after dialysis. FistulaStop is comfortable for the patient as well as easy to use, ergonomic and time saving for health care professionals.

  • Gentle towards fistulas and grafts
  • Applies an even pressure every time
  • An easy way to stop the blood flow
  • Ergonomic, since it replaces applying pressure manually
  • Time saving
  • Easy to clean with alcohol or hot water
  • Re-usable
  • One size fits all
  • Can easily be assigned to a particular patient using the included name-tagged storage box

Instructions for use
Place a gauze swab between the fistula access and the FistulaStop. Make sure that the bulge covers the fistula access. Then, stretch the strap around the patient’s arm and secure it.
Remove it when the blood flow has stopped and before the patient goes home. If continuously used, it should be changed once a month.

Product sheets

Arabic.pdf   Dutch.pdf   English.pdf
Farsi.pdf   Finnish.pdf   French.pdf
German.pdf   Greek.pdf   Italian.pdf
Romanian.pdf   Turkish.pdf   Russian.pdf









Fistula Stop